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Hello FOAM_Community,
how can I obtain a diffusive mass flux resulting from solving a species equation:

    fvScalarMatrix xN2Eqn
             fvm::ddt(rho*alpha1, xN2)
           + fvm::div(rhoPhi, xN2)
           - fvm::laplacian(DN2f, xN2)
what I need is a surfaceScalarField jN2f.
xN2Eqn.flux() would return the overall flux. fvc::laplacian(DN2f, xN2) would probably return a volScalarField which equals to the cell flux divergence, right? So what I thought about is something like:

volScalarField jN2 = fvc::laplacian(DN2f, xN2);
surfaceScalarField jN2f = fvc::interpolate(jN2);
Is this way completely wrong? Even if it works, I suspect I don't necessarily get the same fluxes like those, resulting from the solution of the xN2Eqn. I think there must be a better way.


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